Use our Flex Debit Card at any ATM and POS Terminal, local and internationally

We Offer:

The Money247 Flex Card can be issued to all South African Citizens as well as foreigners provided that proof of address and legitimate identification (SAID,Passport or Assylum Document) are produced when opening the Account. Up to 4 cards may be taken out by Customers which can be used to send Money Home or to manage the payment of household employees or even student children to ensure payments to them are received instantaneous and available immediately. This is an International Debit Card usable at all ATMS’s and POS Terminals worldwide Withdrawals can also be made at selected Retail Stores within South Africa thus creating more convenience for you.

  • Your Own Account
  • Trading ability within 30 seconds
  • A Master Debit Card
  • Low cost Card Swipes
  • Transactions via your Cell Phone
  • Send Money Home
  • EFT's in and out of account
  • NO Debit Orders are allowed on this account. This ensures you are in control of your money.
  • View statements on Mobile and Internet
  • Transfer money to other Money247 clients for FREE.

Who Qualifies:

All persons with a valid ID, Passport or Assylum Document